Год/Дата Выпуска: 13.09.2019
Версия: 2.5.4
Разработчик: BeatSkillz
Сайт разработчика: BeatSkillz
Формат: VSTi, AU
Разрядность: 32bit, 64bit
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:
Windows 10 / macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 or later
Intel i3 or later / AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent 2 GB RAM / 300 MB HD
Размер: 13.06 GB

Synthwave / Vapourwave & Nuwave — это музыкальные жанры возрождения 80-х с современными тенденциями. Этот стиль вскоре перешел из подполья в мейнстрим с бесчисленным количеством артистов, выпускающих новые треки с «синтезаторным вкусом».
Этот виртуальный инструмент представляет собой набор из 100 невероятных сэмплов пресетов от различных аналоговых синтезаторов, работающих под управлением легендарных эффектов и подвесного оборудования. Этот процесс приносит богатое и уникальное «аналоговое» качество, которое отличается от виртуальных эмуляций реальных синтезаторов.

  • Доп. информация

    Synthwave / Vaporwave & Nuwave are 80s revival genres of music with a modern twist. This style has soon come up from the underground to the mainstream with countless artists releasing new tracks with the “synthwave flavor”.

    This virtual instrument is a collection of 100 fabulous sampled presets from various analog synthesizers running through legendary effects and outboard gear.
    This process brings a rich and unique “analog” quality that is different from virtual emulations of real synthesizers.

    A wide palette of instantly recognizable sounds from basses leads to pads and effects has been carefully designed and programmed to inspire you. Just plug and play is the motto at beatskillz. This helps to focus on music and creativity rather than get lost in endless sound tweaking to get results.

    Our sample playback engine includes effects such a global pitch, reverb, LFO, ADSR and a multimode filter for further tweaking of the sounds.

    This sound set is inspired by the works of artists such as Kavinsky, The Midnight, Com Truise, Mitch Murder, Dynatron, Time Cop etc.


    •LFO TYPE: Choose the wave type of the loo, the options are – Triangle, saw, sin, square & exponential.
    •LFO DEPTH: This control lets you set the depth of the lfo.
    •LFO RATE: Set the speed/ rate of the Lfo with this control.
    •ADSR: Control the amplitude envelope of the sound by changing the attack, decay, sustain and release of the patch.
    •FILTER TYPE: Choose the filter type – none, low pass or high pass.
    •FILTER CUTOFF: Control the cutoff frequency of the filter.


    •PITCH: Change the tuning of the instrument with the Pitch control.
    •REVERB: Use the reverb to add space to the preset sounds.
    •VOLUME: Adjust the overall volume of the patch.


    •A display Keyboard with 2 layers is present in the GUI.
    •The upper key range is: C2 – E4


    Contains 10 bass presets, 4 Bell presets, 8 brass presets, 10 fx presets, 9 leads Presets, 7 Pads Presets, 6 Perc Presets, 11 Plucks, 14 Solo Presets, 6 Sweeps and 10 Synths.