Издатель: Cinematique-Instruments
Качество: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Размер: 628 MB

MELT — это увлекательный инструмент, который позволяет создавать очень сложные звуки, окружения и текстуры чрезвычайно простым способом. Вы можете смешать 4 великолепно разнообразных и вдохновляющих источника звука MELT и создавать уникальные, интересные и вдохновляющие звуки.

[spoiler title=’Дополнительная информация’]MELT´s sound sources come from different areas, which are named Pure, Floating, Organic, Field Recording and Granular. In summary it is a complex arsenal of sounds and sources which provides on the one hand numerous sounds and instruments of our own library such as organs, synths, e-pianos, pads and resampled sounds of the legendary downbeat box and on the other hand specially processed sounds, field recordings and finally sounds created by granular synthesis and freeze functions.
This collection is already unique, but in the mixture among each other it results in highly complex, novel and interesting sound structures.
The Concept
MELT is based on an XY pad — each of the 4 corners can be loaded with a separate sound source/ layer, which can be individually shaped by 9 different effects such as filters, distortion, phaser, reverb and delay. By moving the cursor inside this XY pad, MELT calculates its main sound out of this cursor position by the ratios of all four sounds and their individual effect paramaters. This may all sound a bit technical and complicated, but believe us it isn’t! MELT does the whole calculation for you. You can just focus on playing along and move the cursor at your own requirements and thus create complex and dynamic sounds and ambiances in the twinkling of an eye. It is pure fun.
But besides «regular» sustained playing MELT provides a 8-step sequencer per sound/ layer. By activating, MELT is able to morph sustained notes with sequencer or even morph between 4 different kinds of sequencers types. This astonishing feature can result into polyrhythmical sounds. As you can see, the possibilities of MELT are almost infinite.
Finally, MELT´s XY pad cursor motions can be recorded either as a loop within MELT or within the track of your selected DAW. Or you just let it randomly run.[/spoiler]