Дата Выпуска: 30.9.2019
Версия: 1.5.15
Разработчик: Devious Machines
Сайт разработчика: deviousmachines.com/texture/
Формат: VST, AAX (MODiFiED)
Разрядность: 32/64
Таблэтка: Есть
Системные требования: Windows 7 or later
Размер: 671.3 MB

Texture синтезирует новые слои, которые отслеживают динамику вашего звука. Хотите «склеить» переходные процессы вашего хай-хэта, добавив динамический отфильтрованный шум? Или как насчет того, чтобы усилить барабан, автоматически добавляя низкую синусоидальную волну? Texture делает это легко, интуитивно понятно и быстро.

  • Что нового?

    With Texture’s new update, you can now import any sample from your collection for use as a texture source, with a choice of four playback modes:

    • Trigger one-shot samples from incoming audio
    • Use Granular playback to redefine a sample
    • Loop the sample and adjust crossfade lengths
    • Chop up and reassemble with Random mode

    Importing samples is as simple as a drag and drop from your browser, making Texture a fast, one-stop shop for all your sample layering needs.

  • Особенности

    • Over 340 sampled, granular and generative sound sources
    • Advanced envelope with attack, hold and decay controls
    • Dual filter, to quickly shape your chosen texture
    • Independent EQ sections for the wet and dry signal paths
    • Source-specific synthesis controls include colour, pitch, density and octave.
    • Modulate a Texture’s controls and filter cutoff using LFO and envelope signals
    • Tweak the response to the source signal with the sidechain filter
    • Squash the Texture sound using limiting and make-up gain
    • Global control of Texture level, Mix and Master level
    • Intuitive user interface, for fast results

    Enhance, Shape and Transform

    • 340+ inspirational textures to choose from
    • Instantly add body or bite to drums
    • Use as a subharmonic synth for heavyweight bass
    • Inspire your beats and breathe new movement into lifeless rhythm tracks
    • Add sonic glue to programmed drum tracks
    • Overlay instant dirt with vinyl crackle, tape hiss and digital noise
    • Increase width and depth with percussive reverb tails- Generate radical new sounds from rhythmic source material
    • Add organic layers including Foley, crowd noise and ambience
    • Quickly whip up risers and pitch modulated special FX
    • And much more…