Издатель: Embertone
Сайт: Embertone
Формат: KONTAKT 5.7+
Качество: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Размер: 188.8 GB

Рояль Walker 1955 Concert D.

  • Содержание

    Mics: AKG C414 XLS, ORTF
    Position: 2 ft off the side lip at the curve of the piano.
    Qualities: Balanced piano/room tone with a beautiful twinkly high register and tamed low end. Vibrant and hearty with enough air space to breathe.

    Mics: Neumann U87, A/B Stereo (Omni)
    Position: 6 in off the strings
    Qualities: Extremely intimate and warm with very little room ambience. Rich with string reverberance while capturing all the subtle mechanical sounds.

    Mics: Superlux S241/U3, X/Y Stereo
    Position: 1 ft above pointed directly at the hammers.
    Qualities: Punchy and percussive dynamics, great for pop/rock music.

    Mics: Schoeps CMC 6, A/B Stereo (Cardioid)
    Position: 6 ft away 8ft high, pointing towards the inside of the lid from the audience perspective.
    Qualities: More room ambience and reverb coloration while allowing the piano to fully resonate into the room. Great for achieving a traditional/classical sound in a concert hall or recital setting.

    Wide Perspective
    Mics: Modified Oktava Mk012, A/B Stereo (Omni)
    Position: 1 ft from the piano at the player’s perspective, spaced at the full width of the keyboard.
    Qualities: An experimental mic pair capturing an ultra-wide stereo image with a unique and enveloping character.

    Binaural Perspective
    Mics: Stereo binaural dummy head (affectionately named Bruce)
    Position: 2ft from the the keyboard at the player’s perspective.
    Qualities: Realistic spatialization, especially when listened through headphones.