Native Instruments - Pharlight (KONTAKT)

Издатель: Native Instruments
СайтNative Instruments
Формат: KONTAKT PLAYER 6.2 +
Версия: 1.0.0
Качество: 24 bit 48.1 kHz stereo
Размер: 1.19 GB

PHARLIGHT — это гранулированный вокальный инструмент для артистов, композиторов, музыкантов и звукорежиссеров, разработанный командой STRAYLIGHT. Его уникальная библиотека сэмплов содержит нетрадиционные звуки, разработанные и записанные специально для двух уникальных модулей воспроизведения. PHARLIGHT от кинематографических звуковых сцен и пульсирующей атмосферы до крючков для сенажа — это все, что нужно для придания вашей музыке невероятного звука, творческой модуляции и органических мелодичных тембров.

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    We did extensive research into distinctly-vocal sounds that work wonders with the granular engine. Invented phrases created and recorded for their special spectral diversity, curated noise samples, beatboxers, and multi-sampled choral tones provide just some of the fuel for the engine’s unique character. The result is 364 sound sources, with over 350 expertly-designed snapshots that draw the very best out of Pharlight’s engine.
    PHARLIGHT is based around a specialized, easy-to-use granular engine that uses its source samples to create tones, pads, pulses, and more that are independent of time and pitch. That means a whisper or a spoken vowel can be played like a pad or keys, layered, stretched, shifted, and tuned, and that the nuances of small, short sounds can be magnified and extended to epic proportions. Tempo-synced playback means transitions, sweeps, and drops can be dialed-in right on-cue.
    Grains are layered with specially-recorded multi-samples or atmospheric one-shots from PHARLIGHT’s Sample module almost exclusively using vocals. From wavetable-style synth sounds, to clean vox and chopped, textured noise, they are used to generate multi-faceted tones with huge versatility. Think low-end complements to textured pads, snappy attacks for lead-leaning patches, and unique choral sounds.
    Modulation is integral to PHARLIGHT’s sound, with fast and creative ways to sculpt your sound. The X-Y pad means real-time control over the way sounds change – perfect for transitions, tension, and drops. Conjure shimmering pads and pulsating textures with the gater and delays, roughen things up with drivers, fine-tune with EQs, shape with a huge array of filters, and explore uncharted sonic territory with a chorus, flanger, and phaser taken from MOD PACK.
    Load up PHARLIGHT within KOMPLETE KONTROL to really perform. Sculpt and modulate in real-time with pre-mapped macro controls that bring PHARLIGHT’s engine to life. Score straight to picture, perform onstage, or bring spontaneity to