Издатель: ProjectSAM
Качество: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Размер: 903.7 MB

12 бесплатных наборов кинематографических звуков, взятых непосредственно из каталога ProjectSAM.

  • Дополнительная информация

    TFO – #12: Luminous Choir
    Warm and soothing choir swells, performed by 6 altos, 6 tenors and 6 basses in the lush environment of the Symphobia concert hall.

    TFO – #11: Tongue in Cheek
    Pay homage to the golden age of cartoons with this month’s light-hearted & witty ensemble instrument featuring clarinet, double bass, piano and “wah” trumpet.

    TFO – #10: S4Pandora Bursts
    A big & bold diminuendo brass ensemble taken directly from the newly released Symphobia 4: Pandora

    TFO – #9: Short Strings
    Cinematic ensemble string staccatos

    TFO – #8: Dystopian Drones
    Dark, disturbing drones made from the original Symphobia recordings.

    TFO – #7: Power Strike
    Cinematic percussion kit featuring orchestral gran cassa, snare ensemble, cymbals and effects.

    TFO – #6: Bombastic Basses
    Dark cellos and contrabasses with epic orchestral accents.

    TFO – #5: Wild Winds
    An enigmatic, yet cinematic set of woodwind effects feat. flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon & contra bassoon.

    TFO – #4: Heroic Horns
    An epic, 8-player French horn section, perfect for playing grand, heroic themes

    TFO – #3: Ghostly Clusters
    Eerie, otherworldly string, brass & woodwind effects, ready to send a chill through your spine… and that of the audience!

    TFO – #2: Sordino Violins
    Warm, lush, muted violins, perfect for dramatic underscoring and gentle ballad arrangements.

    TFO – #1: Tutti Hits
    Cinematic, orchestral hits, taken from the legendary Symphobia recordings. Ready to be used in your very next action, ghost or horror score.