Издатель: Soniccouture
Сайт: Soniccouture
Качество: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Размер: 11.97 GB

Soniccouture объявила о выпуске новой библиотеки сэмплов Moonkits, библиотеки инструментов Kontakt, показывающей звуки ударных, записанные в студии Konk в Северном Лондоне, основанной и все еще принадлежащей Рэю Дэвису из The Kinks.

  • Дополнительная информация

    Moonkits offers a journey to the softer side of the drumkit. It features 80 preset kits, each with its own groove set up and ready to drag and drop as MIDI.

    Brushes, but not only for Jazz. Also rods, mallets, tea sticks: anything that mellows the attack and allows the texture to sing out.

    Moonkits was intentionally recorded with extra detail at low velocites, because not every track is rock’n’roll. You don’t need to smash the kit hard. Just great touch and feel.

    Moonkits features

    16GB Library.
    24/48khz stereo sampling.
    Up to 116 velocity layers per drum.
    Anti-repeat ’round-robin’ algorithm .
    Brushes, rods, mallet, stick, articulations.
    Brush sweep loops syncd to host tempo.
    3 Beat Tools drum sequencers with MIDI Drag and Drop: Euclidean Beats, Poly Beats, Beat Shifter.