Издатель: Triple Spiral Audio
СайтTriple Spiral Audio
Качество: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Размер: 4.72 GB

Fission A — это новая библиотека для Kontakt 6, вдохновленная работами Хильдур Гуднадоттир и особенно ее саундтреком к выдающейся серии HBO Чернобыль. Эта библиотека создается вместе с библиотекой Fission B для Omnisphere 2. Оба используют одни и те же источники звука, но должны быть бесплатными.

  • Доп. информация

    Ever since watching the first minutes of the Chernobyl serie I was drawn to its sound universe and I started recording and creating sounds for a project inspired by this. Now a few months further this has resulted in the Fission A and B libraries. I created 200 soundsources from recordings of an old cello, a bassoon, some flutes, a few bass guitars, a piano, from my guitars, from field recordings and sounds that I created within various synths. I mangled all the sounds to create a dark atmosphere.

    Requires the Full Version of Kontakt 6.2.1+ (Does NOT work with Kontakt Player)
    200 soundsources
    200 snapshots
    4.71 GB (1000+ samples – compressed NCW)
    Installed via the Pulse Downloader App (If you wish a manual download link, contact me after your purchase at info@triplespiralaudio.com)
    Watermarked sample

    2 layers with indepent control for volume, pan and ADSR, filter and filter envelope
    User Sample drag and drop
    LFO control for each layer
    Big knob with assignable FX
    Dedicated FX page with Imager, Skreamer, Phasis, Flanger, Choral, Flair and Lo-fi
    Convolution Reverb
    Replika Delay