Издатель: Beyron Audio
СайтBeyron Audio
Качество: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Размер: 28.15 GB

Когда воображение и творчество оживают, они приходят вместе с Altron.
Altron — это профессиональный сэмплер на основе семплов, созданный Beyron Audio с точки зрения продюсеров и артистов.
Звуковой движок Altrons обеспечивает беспрецедентный реализм и очень детальные звуки с огромным количеством музыкальных стилей и жанров.

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    The beast behind the sound quality.
    The sound quality simply can’t be compared to any todays modern virtual synthesizers.
    Altron has a special engine for delivering hyper sound quality and automates every preset to sound its best in any environment.
    This is all possible because of the Q&T engine which is detailly processed in every sound.

    From classical to today’s most demanding sounds.
    Each instrument is detailed and manipulated for best results.

    World’s first Smart sequencer.
    Creativity blocker breaker.
    With six sequencers running at the same time, you can create a whole band at your fingertips. The Smart sequencer presets offer rhythmic melodies which can be manipulated by choice.

    Switch keys and Smart sequencer will generate chords that compliment each other.

    Altron FX is a new generation sound designer with cool effects and controls. 22 special effects with predelay, size, dry & wet.
    You can easily turn a saw wave into a japanese violin or a live instrument into a future modern sound.
    What if you use it on drums or effects?

    — Unique compressor
    — Three band equalizer with Q&T engine
    — Ultra limiter
    — Volume, pan, tuning and more

    — Six different groups for six different sounds
    — Each group have its own controls
    — Equalizer, Filter, ADSR, Envelope, Talk & Gate features per group
    — All features can run at the same time in all groups

    — 8 FX’s created the way you need
    — Reverb, delay, rotator, space, phaser, flanger, chorus & lo-fi
    — Gain sliders

    — Unison portamento
    — 4 LFO’s with tempo & fade-in feature
    — ADSR pitch
    — Mod envelope
    — Dedicated vibrato

    — Over 1000 sounds ready to go
    — Classical, EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop, Rock & much more
    — TOP Spotify songs created with Smart sequencer directly into Altron
    — Arranger Drums, Harmony Instruments & Smart Sequencer Arranger
    — Risers, drops, impacts & movie FX

    Supporting NI’s Native Kontrol Standard. NKS allows Altron to work with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine, giving you the ability to quickly dive into sound design with the custom mapped control knobs.

    The sound of Altron
    More sounds mean more possibilities. Create just about anything you can imagine with Altron’s factory presets. From cutting edge classical instruments to the most savage and todays sounds

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