Издатель: Evolution Series
СайтEvolution Series
Качество: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Размер: 718.6 MB

Бау — это китайский духовой инструмент. Несмотря на то, что он имеет форму флейты, на самом деле он представляет собой инструмент с тростниковым покрытием, с одним металлическим язычком. Играется в поперечном (горизонтальном) порядке. Он имеет чистый, подобный кларнету тембр, и его техника игры включает в себя использование большого количества украшений, особенно изгибающих тонов.

  • Доп. информация

    The bawu likely originated in the Yunnan province of southwest China, it has become a standard instrument throughout China, used in modern Chinese compositions for traditional instrument ensembles. The instrument is also closely associated with Hmong, Yi, Hani and other minority cultures in southwestern China. It is typically used as a solo instrument, and is often featured in film scores; it is sometimes also heard in popular music recordings.

    Although the bawu is still predominantly performed in China, it has in recent years been adopted by European composers and performers.

    A brand new, but for some reason not yet released instrument. This library was completed and ready for sale in December 2019. At the moment, the Evolution Series website does not have information about World Colors Bawu. There is no user manual in this release. For this reason, I will simply list the main characteristics of the instrument.

    — 6 NKI files
    — 550+ WAV files
    — 24bit / 48 kHz

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