Издатель: Cinesamples
Качество: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Размер: 1.12 GB

CineStrings RUNS является самой дружественной для композиторов библиотекой весов, прогонов и рипов в мире. Записанный на всемирно известной стадии подсчета очков MGM в студии Sony Pictures в Лос-Анджелесе, Калифорния, CineStrings RUNS дополняет нашу библиотеку CineStrings CORE и нашу популярную библиотеку Hollywoodwinds. (Отображение идентично голливудским ветрам.) Ничто не может сделать для более аутентичного звучания струнного участка, чем фактические записи струнных в большой комнате. В сочетании с нашим продвинутым сценарием и простым в использовании интерфейсом, это удивительно убедительная библиотека для тех, кому нужно добавить более реалистичный стиль в свои макеты.

  • Доп. информация

    CineStrings RUNS is the most composer-friendly strings scales, runs and rips library in the world. Recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures studios in Los Angeles, CA, CineStrings RUNS compliments both our CineStrings CORE library and our popular Hollywoodwinds library. (The mapping is identical to Hollywoodwinds.) Nothing can make for a more authentic string section sound than the actual recordings of strings runs in a great room. Combined with our advanced script and easy-to-use interface, this is a remarkably convincing library for anyone who needs to add a more realistic flair to their mockups.

    Sync To Downbeat
    What makes this library so intuitive and useful right out of the box is the all-new «Sync to Downbeat» function. This innovative feature allows you to sync the end of the run to the nearest downbeat, regardless of where you start in the bar, or your time signature. The runs will also sync to changing tempos mid-run.

    Very useful for writing quickly!

    Notation View
    All included runs, rips and trills have been notated out and are displayed as selected within the interface, so you can easily see exactly what is being played as you trigger different samples.

    The types of scales include:
    — Major Scale
    — Natural Minor Scale
    — Harmonic Minor Scale
    — Octatonic Scale
    — Whole Tone Scale
    — Chromatic Scale

    (With various combinations of one half, one full, or two full octaves upwards and downward runs starting on the tonic, 5th note and/or tritone of the key)

    The Scales and Trills patch also includes the chordal whole step trill samples for both a major and a minor chord, while Tonal and Atonal Rips patch contains samples of short tonal and atonal rips of both upward and downward directions.

    01: CineStrings RUNS Scales + Trills
    02: CineStrings RUNS Tonal + Atonal Rips

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