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Издатель: Sonokinetic
Качество: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Размер: 625.8 MB

Будь то один прогон до перехода или интенсивный поток взлетов и падений, которые являются центральным элементом композиции, эти пробежки доставят вам удовольствие. Сыграйте их только с аккордом в левой руке и нотами начала и конца в правой руке.

  • Содержание

    They are great fun to play around with, and the intuitive ’emphasis’ slider dials in a mix between the recorded strings and woodwinds sections in one fluid motion.

    Note the ‘Modal’ part of the name — these runs don’t just play from major scales root notes — they can start and end on any note of the scale, making all modalities within the diatonic scale available. Additionally, when in Relative Keyboard mode, any note you press on the right hand side will be conformed to the nearest scale tone, making it really easy to play runs that adapt to changing chords in real time!

    With this new inventive and holistic approach to editing and scripting, we kept the sample count and RAM footprint extremely low for this instrument without compromising on the realism of the end result.

    * 44.1kHZ — 24 Bit
    * 1GB NCW Format
    * Royalty and copyright free
* Content license

    Instrument Patches
    * Native Instruments Kontakt
* Modal Runs
    * Custom designed interface with score display
* Time Machine Pro capability
* Custom chord recognition capabilities

    Sampled Instruments
    * 2 recorded orchestral sections
* Woodwind 8 players
* Strings 52 players
    * Recorded microphone positions
* Close
* Decca tree
* Wide
* Balcony